1. Trials are designed by tropical soybean experts.

  2. Trials employ a rigorous, formal, documented, and tested system.

  3. Trial managers are trained in the field on all aspects of trial management by tropical soybean experts.

  4. Outside breeders use the trials to efficiently test their materials in potential new markets.

  5. Domestic breeders use the trials to efficiently compare their materials to outside competition.

  6. Local seed producers use the trials to identify new, high-performing materials.

  7. Participating local seed producers formally license new high yielding varieties from commercial seed breeders.

  8. Commercial seed breeders receive royalties from the sale of seed by local seed producers.

  9. Commercial seed breeders and local seed producers together engage in mutually beneficial licensing, varietal registration, and seed marketing contracts. 

  10. Commercial seed breeders partner with local partners to navigate the varietal registration process.

  11. Commercial seed breeders benefit from the networks and relationships of local partners.

  12. An independent third party system with the highest integrity provides local soybean value chain actors with a ready supply of performance data and benchmarking information.

  13. Participants value a transparent system and a complete set of easily accessible results.

  14. Participants understand that local seed producers and farmers need to buy seed every year in order to obtain the best quality, greatest quantity and highest germination levels. 

  15. SIL/SFSA/IITA/AATF, by delivering all 14 within one program, correct the market failure by providing a safe, reliable, and informed “marketplace” for buyers and sellers of commercial varieties to come together and efficiently conduct business.

Why are the trials innovative?

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